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Preparing Your Pets For Emergencies Makes Sense!

Weather emergencies and other types of emergencies can happen without warning!

1. Assemble a kit of pet emergency supplies including:

Food, water, medicines, first aid kit, collar with ID tag, harness or leash, important documents including vaccination documents and medical records, crate or other pet carrier, pet litter and litter box, plastic trash bags, bleach and favorite items such as toys or bedding.

**Another VERY IMPORTANT item to always have on hand is a current photograph of you with your pet to help document ownership and help others reunite you and your pet should you become separated.**

2. Make a plan for what you will do in an emergency including:

Creating an evacuation and lodging plan for you and your pets, developing a buddy system with friends/neighbors/relatives and selecting an emergency meeting place.

3. Discuss specific items for your pets' first aid kit with the veterinarians and team members at Swift Creek Animal Hospital.

4. Ask the veterinarians and team members at Swift Creek Animal Hospital for recommendations on veterinary hospitals in areas you may be visiting or to which you may need to evacuate.

5. Consider microchipping your pets to increase your chances of being quickly reunited if you become separated. Once your pets are microchipped, be sure to keep your emergency contact information up to date. CONTACT SWIFT CREEK ANIMAL HOSPITAL TODAY AT (804) 744-7222 AND ASK ABOUT OUR $49.99 HOMEAGAIN MICROCHIP PROMOTION WHICH INCLUDES LIFETIME REGISTRATION!

--courtesy of www.ready.gov and 1-800-BE-READY

Please contact Swift Creek Animal Hospital at (804) 744-7222 or Swift Creek Pet Resort at (804) 665-2566 for more helpful information to help prepare for the unexpected. Ask about our new Vet2Pet app or visit the App Store or Google Play Store. Search on "Swift Creek Animal Hospital & Pet Resort," and when you see SCAH1986, that's the app you want to download. Earn valuable rewards!

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