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Pet Resort is Re-opening on Friday, May 15th!


National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day

National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day is observed Saturday, May 12, 2018, but we should all try to be prepared throughout the year.

Here are some valuable tips from FEMA:

Make A Pet Emergency Plan

ID your pet.

Make sure your pet's tags are up-to-date and securely fastened to your pet's collar.

If your pet gets lost, his tag is his ticket home. Also consider microchipping your pets.

Make sure you have a current photo of your pet for identification purposes.

Identify shelters.
---For public health reasons, many emergency shelters cannot accept pets. ASK EARLY TO KNOW FOR SURE!
---Keep Swift Creek Pet Resort's number (804) 665-2566 and your local animal shelter's number in your list of emergency numbers.

Make sure you have a secure pet carrier, leash or harness for your pet so that if he panics, he can't escape.

Make a pet emergency kit including:

Pet food
Bottled water
Veterinary records
Cat litter/pan
Manual can opener
Food dishes
First aid kit and other supplies

Please contact the doctors and team members at Swift Creek Animal Hospital at (804) 744-7222 or via our Vet2Pet Mobile Rewards App for more helpful information.

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